Low-insecticide Input Application Strategies For Managing Subterranean Termite (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) Infestations
  Key Words  
  Termite control, spot treatment, wood injection
  Brian T. Forschler
  Twenty-six treatments were conducted using an integrated management approach to removing subterranean termite infestations from structures on the University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA campus. Termite infestations were identified by building occupants followed by an inspection, development of an action plan, treatment, and verification of treatment success by call-backs from occupants. Treatments consisted of soil applications of termiticide solution at labeled application rates and liquid or foam solutions injected into wood or wall voids at various rates inlcuding less than labeled rates. Success was achieved in all but one infestation indicating the feasibility of a spot treatment program built on inspections aimed at identifying termite entry points as a means of controlling subterranean termites.