Evaluating a Baiting System For Management of Termites in Landscape and Orchard Trees in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the Philippines
  Key Words  
  bait technology, chlorfluazuron, Coptotermes, Globitermes, Macrotermes, Microcerotermes, Nasutitermes, Odontotermes
  Brenton C. Peters, Steven Broadbent and Partho Dhang
  A termite baiting system was evaluated in field experiments in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines. Alpha-cellulose powder containing chlorfluazuron (Requiem™) was tested for its efficacy in eliminating colonies of subterranean termites in landscape and orchard trees. Traditional methods are frequently not suitable due to difficulties in creating a soil barrier system. Using 0.1% weight/weight chlorfluazuron there was no evidence of repellence and all colonies were eliminated.