Control of Rodents with Rodenticides
  Key Words  
  Deratization, population dynamics, intrapopulation diversity
  V.A. Rylnikov
  For the development of a methodology for the population management of brown rats, taking into consideration seasonal population dynamics in space and in time, as well as changes in the age composition of the population, two experiments were held. One of them was conducted in the rice fields of the Krasnodar region of Russia, from December 1981 through October 1982; the other was conducted in the factories of the KAMAZ company, during the period from January to October of 1991. As practice has shown, the total eradication of targeted (problem) animal species is hardly possible. Aside from that, such an approach is subject to criticism, based on ecological, bioethical, religious, and ethnic considerations, among others. In its place, a conceptual plan is suggested for the creation of limited control zones surrounding the most critical facilities and territories.