University-based Instruction For General Pest Control Technicians
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  pest management training
  Eric P. Benson and Patricia A. Zungoli
  In 1999, the Master Pest Control Technician (MPCT) course was created at Clemson University, (USA: Clemson, South Carolina 29634) to provide training for general pest control technicians. The course was designed to provide detailed, practical instruction about household and structural pest control in private and commercial accounts using an integrated pest management (IPM) model. Initially the MPCT course was taught in a distance- learning format over ten weeks. The course evolved into an intensive five-day course on the campus of Clemson University. The intensive program provided more contact hours and provided more face-to-face lectures and hands-on laboratory exercises, including insect identification, insect collecting, inspection procedures, application technology, safety measures and regulatory requirements. Based on our experience with the MPCT course, we concluded that on-campus traditional university Extension programming with face-to-face interactions provided the best educational atmosphere for pest control technicians, the instructors, and the participants.