Integrated Pest Management in Medical Facilities
  Key Words  
  pest control, health care facilities, pest prevention, hospital pests
  Robert L. Kunst
  Providing pest control services to modern Medical and Ancillary Care Facilities requires using the latest integrated pest management (IPM) techniques. All aspects of integrated pest management, including pest identification, monitoring, and inspection must be included din the pest control program designed for modern medical facilities. Special emphasis must be placed on specific areas that are normally overlooked in the inspection phase of the treatment. Mechanical, cultural, environmental modification, sanitation, as well as threshold setting, and the judicious use of chemicals are all components of an IPM program for medical facilities. The presentation will review a set of investigative techniques that illustrate the proper methods and means of controlling pests at all levels of a medical complex. Aspects of prevention and control will be presented and discussed in their relationship to the medical care of the patient. Methods of inspection, treatment, and cost and pricing analysis will be presented.