Distribution and Population Dynamics of Blattella Asahinai in Southern Alabama and Georgia, USA
  Key Words  
  Asian cockroach, distribution records, peridomestic pest
  Edward T. Snoddy and Arthur G. Appel
  The Asian cockroach, Mizukubo, was discovered in large numbers in southeast Alabama in 2003. We surveyed southern Alabama and Georgia to determine the distribution of this species. We found that was established in 7 counties in Georgia and 8 counties in Alabama. Basic ecology and behavior studies were conducted in Florida, and basic biology was conducted in a laboratory setting. No reported studies have been conducted in South Alabama on the field population dynamics of We examined three different populations of in Dothan, Houston County, Alabama during 2005 and 2006. We tracked life stage and populations visually, and by sweep net and Berlese samples. We plotted this against time of year to evaluate the population dynamics in the established populations of in the field. Populations started to increase in early May and reached their zenith in August to September when they sharply declined. Populations retreated by burrowing down into the substrate during conditions of low temperature and low moisture.