Tramp Ant Species Control with Methoprene Baits in Brazil
  Key Words  
  Tapinoma melanocephalum, Monomorium floricola, Brachymyrmex sp., Paratrechina fulva
  Francesli Adriana Gusmao, Neiva Sibinel, Daniel Bajomi, and Ana Eugênia De Carvalho Campos-farinha
  Several ant species have association to human structures in Brazil and their presence promotes problems such as contamination of food, damage to electronic appliances, and allergies due to the their venom. The objective of this work was to evaluate the effects of a methoprene-based bait against different ant species. The study site was the Instituto Biológico, a research institute in Brazil with severe ant infestation in critical areas. Prior to control trials a survey revealed four ant species distributed on the six floors of the main building. Evaluations of baits efficacy was performed on the right side of the building and after 18 wks all ant species showed lower infestations compared to the initial ones.