Potential mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) vectors of Dirofilaria immitis (Filariidae: Onchocercidae) in two urban areas of Kuala Lumpur and its prevalence in stray dogs
  Key Words  
  Dirofilariasis, Armigeres subalbatus, Ae. aegypti
  I. Vythilingam, P. Mooto, J. Jeffery and M.S. Parameswaran
  A study was conducted in the urban areas of Kuala Lumpur using CDC light trap, dog-baited trap and human landing collection to determine the vectors. Eleven species of mosquitoes were obtained, of which only Aedes albopictus, Armigeres subalbatus and Culex quinquefasciatus were in significant numbers. The predominant species was Ar. subalbatus in both the human landing and dog bait collection. Only this species was positive for D. immitis. Experimental studies also showed Ar. subalbatus and Ae. aegypti to be susceptible while Cx. quinquefasciatus was refractory. Due to the propensity for biting humans and dogs, Ar. subalbatus can be considered as the primary vector for D. immitis in Kuala Lumpur.