Parasitic arthropods of rodents in Khoramabad-Lorestan, Iran
  Key Words  
  Arthropods, ectoparasites, fleas, lice, rodents, Khorramabad, mites, ticks
  D. Rafinejad, A. Shyan, S. Tirgary, H. Basseri and F. Nikpour
  Nine species, 168 individuals of rodents were live trapped and examined for parasitic arthropods in 24 localities in khoramabad from July 2002 through May 2003. Seven species of ectoparasites were collected: 1 species of sucking lice (Anoplura), 3 species of fleas (Siphonaptera), immature stages of 1 species of hard ticks (Ixodidae) and 2 species of mesostigmatid mites (Mesostigmatidae). Iranian jird (Meriones persicus) was the most abundant species of rodents and harbored the most species of ectoparasitic arthropods, followed by the Microtus socialis, and the Mus musculus.