Mosquitoes of urban areas of Penang: Abundance and control
  Key Words  
  Mosquitoes, construction sites, drains, abundance, control.
  A. Abu Hassan, M.R. Che Salmah, J. Ngumbang, S. Ahmad Ramli and A.M. El-Badri
  Survey on mosquito larvae and pupae were carried out in construction sites and drains in Penang, Malaysia. Species of mosquito larvae were identified from these two habitats. Aedes albopictus and Ae. aegyptii were the dominant mosquito spp found in the construction sites. Different habitats during the construction activities were related to the abundance of Aedes larvae. The drains were found to be the habitat for Culex quinquefasciatus larvae. The abundance of Cx. quinquefasciatus larvae was found to be high during low rainfall months. Trials on control of mosquito larvae in the construction sites and the drains were carried out by using some insecticides.