Taxonomic questions on Malaysian termites (Isoptera: Termitidae) answered with morphology and DNA biotechnology
  Key Words  
  Termite phylogeny, COII, Termitidae, Macrotermitinae, Termitinae, Nasutitermitinae
  C.-Y. Lee, B.T. Forschler and T.M. Jenkins
  Accurate species identification underlies all termite field studies and population genetic research. With more than 170 species of termites in Peninsular Malaysia, it has been challenging to elucidate proper taxonomic records among the species studied, particularly within the family Termitidae. This lack of taxonomic clarity hampers many studies on termites in this area of the world. We initiated a multidisciplinary research project designed to study the taxonomy of species within the family Termitidae. Individual termites were first identified to species and or genus by morphometric characters. Taxonomic fidelity from morphometric characters was then determined by distance matrix and character-state phylogenetic analyses of COII sequence. We discuss this work in light of its implications for termite systematics and population genetics.