Cryptotermes Brevis (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae) Control Methodology On A Historic Baroque Church
  Key Words  
  Historic buildings, thiamethoxam
  Eder Flávio Rede
  The aim of this study is to present a methodology for Cryptotermes brevis control in such a fragile, old building environment. The described treatment was undertaken at Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora da Candelária, a church built in 1780 at Itu city, São Paulo. Its presbytery is made of cedar and was being attacked by Cryptotermes brevis. It was decided to treat the structure by using a wettable granules formulation (Optigard LT® - thiamethoxam 25%) sprayed by an aerosol generator, with a needle injector. The application was made by using the holes made by the termites themselves. The product used dosage was 7g/1L of water and the insecticide solution reached about 1 meter distance into termites´ galleries. Twenty litres of insecticide solution were used to treat the infested area, showing that this is also an economic methodology. The used technic provided 100% C. brevis control after 2 years. This methodology, using thiamethoxam WG in an aerosol machine, showed effectiveness against drywood termites.