Lyctus (Coleoptera: Bostrychidae): A Never Ending Story
  Key Words  
  Lyctus brunneus, Lyctus cavicollis, Minthea rugicollis true powder post beetles
  Reiner Pospischil
  Alien true powder post beetle (Lyctinae) species started to be a concern with the growing worldwide trade after the Second World War. Lyctus brunneus arrived in Central Europe 70 years ago and replaced the native species Lyctus linearis as lyctine beetle of economic importance. But this situation changed at the end of last century. The author received numerous Lyctus cavicollis samples from different places of Germany between 2010 and 2017. Until 20 years ago this species was rare in Central Europe. However, in the meantime it established indoors and outdoors and reached a similar economic importance as Lyctus brunneus. Infestation by lyctine beetles was a typical indoor problem in the past and the source of introduction were infested woods. Nowadays outdoor populations of Lyctus cavicollis (and in the south west of Central Europe also Lyctus brunneus!) may invade homes (for example with firewood).