Physical Methods To Combat Mass Occurrences Of Cylindroiulus Caeruleocinctus (Diplopoda, Julidae)
  Key Words  
  Snake millipedes, swarming behaviour, mechanical methods in pest management, silicate powder
  Klaus Zimmermann
  In the small village of Röns (Austria) three families were confronted with a long lasting major mass occurrence of the snake millipede Cylindroiulus caeruleocinctus (Wood). Chemical, biological and physical methods were tested to force back those invaders and to protect the affected people. A three-stage defence-system containing different physical barriers was established to provide long-term protection. The inner circle was built up to prevent the millipedes from entering indoor areas. The middle circle was installed to keep them from climbing up the outer house walls. The outer circle was attached to protect the whole plot against new invaders.