Comparison Of Number Of Limnophyes Natalensis (Diptera: Chironomidae) Collected With Stickyand Suction Light Traps In Food Factory
  Key Words  
  Chironomid midges, nuisance, physical control, sticky light trap, suction light trap
  Goro Kimura, Kimio Hirabayashi, and Tsutomu Tanikawa
  Adult Limnophyes natalensis were collected using sticky and suction light traps during the course of a year in a Japanese food factory. Such physical control methods have been demonstrated effective for collecting adult midges. The numbers of adult L. natalensis collected with the two methods were compared by season. A total of 121 were collected over eight nights with the sticky light trap, and 194 were collected with the suction light trap, a significantly higher number. The numbers were not significantly different for winter. These results demonstrate that suction light traps are more effective for collecting adult midges in food factories.