Efficacy Of A Polydimethylsiloxane Formulation Against Urban Mosquito Pests In The Uk
  Key Words  
  Aquatain AMF, mono-molecular film, Culex pipiens molestus, subterranean, Bti
  John Simmons
  The silicon-based, monomolecular film, mosquito control product Aquatain was introduced into an on-going programme to control Culex pipiens molestus, in a partially flooded undercroft, in September 2015. The impact on the control programme is reviewed in this study. Application of Aquatain was far simpler than was the case for the larvicidal insecticide used previously, and it is considered that the introduction of this product had a significant positive impact on the effectiveness of the control programme. It is believed that this is the first occasion when such a benefit has been observed in the subterranean habitat typically inhabited by C. p. molestus.