Seasonal Occurrence And Experiences With The Invasive Insects: Halyomorpha Halys , Leptoglossus Occidentalis, Harmonia Axyridis , and Cydalima Perspectalis In Switzerland
  Key Words  
  Alien species, Brown marmorated stink bug, Western conifer seed bug, Multicolored Asian lady beetle, Harlequin ladybird, Box tree moth
  Marcus E. Schmidt, Gabi Mueller, and Isabelle Landau
  The invasive species brown marmorated stink bug, western conifer seed bug, harlequin ladybird and box tree moth all appeared in Switzerland within the last 10 years. While the first three species use buildings to over-winter and are a nuisance to home owners in autumn and spring when they enter or leave the buildings, the latter species is a pest of box elder trees and appears mainly from May to September with massive damage to the shrubs. The Urban Pest Advisory Service (UPAS) collects data through people’s complaints, mainly from the city of Zurich, but partly also from a larger area of the country. In this paper we present the collected data of UPAS and other institutions over the years since the appearance of these species, show the different influences on occurrence and discuss the declining inquiries. We also show what measures people have taken and which preventive or control measures are successful.