Cyantraniliprole: A Novel Insecticide For Control Of Urban Pests
  Key Words  
  Cyantraniliprole, house fly, ants, cockroaches, insecticide.
  A. Bywater, C.W. Scherer, M. Hoppe, N.T. Gallagher, E. Roper, C. Long, D. Cox, M. Coffelt, And B. Cartwright
  Cyantraniliprole is a novel insecticide that belongs to the anthranilic diamide class of insecticides. The novel mode of action of cyantraniliprole depletes calcium from insect muscle, affecting muscle contraction, causing paralysis and eventually death. We report the results of testing of two formulations of cyantraniliprole, including a sprayable formulation for control of crawling insects and a fly bait formulation for house fly control. Cyantraniliprole was effective as a direct spray (contact activity) and as a residual surface application for control of German cockroaches, crickets and house fly. A proprietary bait comprised of a unique matrix and 0.5% cyantraniliprole, was shown to be highly effective against house fly. Due to the novel mode of action, cyantraniliprole can be a valuable rotational product towards integrated pest management and insecticide resistance management programs.