A Polymer Enhanced Formulation To Prolong The Effectiveness Of Surface Sprays
  Key Words  
  Residual spray, vector control, Malaria, Malaria control.
  J. Kijlstra, G. Nentwig, F. Rosenfeldt, R. Sonneck, B. Reid, And V. Gutsmann
  A new long-lasting, polymer-enhanced formulation has been developed for suspension concentrates of synthetic pyrethroids which addresses and remedies the above mentioned problems. This polymer technology, called PolyZone™ technology, prolongs the effectiveness of deltamethrin suspension concentrates on different kind of surfaces. This technology has been integrated into a new deltamethrin-based product called Deltamethrin SC-PE, which extends residuality on concrete and other materials. The World Health Organization has recently recognised this formulation as having a residual lifespan of 6 months, and it has been shown to greatly extend persistence in outdoor applications due to enhanced rain-fastness as shown in outdoor weathering trials.