Warm Air Treatment With Recirculating Air
  Key Words  
  Stored food pests, heat damage.
  Martin Hofmeir, Benoit Vacquer, And Alberto Ponjoan
  A warm air treatment is a non-toxic method to eradicate all stages of stored product insects or insects interfering with food hygiene and human health. The heating units reach temperatures of 50 to 60C inside the buildings and rooms everywhere and are maintained during a sufficient period of time. This temperatures are never exceeded otherwise damage due to heat may occur to the building and the machinery. Our machines work only with warm air instead of heat, together with a constant air turnover and electronic regulation. The system was developed to be used in the flour milling industry and similar production facilities. In these environments the hazard caused by combustible dust has to be considered. The unit was constructed to satisfy the classification ex II 3 D according to the ATEX 100 which means it may be operated in the Zone 22 (areas containing conductive dusts). Treatments can be done in rooms as well as in whole buildings.