Controlled Atmosphere For Pest Control In Climate Chambers And Silos
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  Fumigation, insects control, silo treatments, tobacco
  Nico Vroom
  The controlled atmosphere (CA) principle is based on low-oxygen in combination with increased temperatures. CA treatments are commercially used world-wide and have gained acceptance from both governments and industries as the non-toxic fumigant technology for a variety of applications. As a pest control method CA has many advantages over traditional fumigants like products are free of residues and safe for people and the environment. The treatments are independent of atmospheric influences. CA can be used for quality preservation purposes for long term storage of food and feed commodities. It does not compromise the treated products in any way. CA treatments are applied in airtight climate controlled environments like climate chambers, barges or containers with the use of fixed or mobile installations. To apply CA in existing silos, a pressure tests needs to be conducted in order to establish the level of gas tightness of the silo.