Distribution Of Ctenolepisma Longicaudatum (Zygentoma: Lepismatidae) In The Netherlands
  Key Words  
  Gray silverfish, common silverfish, firebrat.
  Bruce Schoelitsz And M. Brooks
  In The Netherlands, until 2002 it was thought that next to Lepisma saccharina, Thermobia domestica was present in residences as well. It appeared T. domestica had been identified incorrectly and was Ctenolepisma longicaudatum. It is hypothesized that the latter species is better adapted to the indoor environment than the other two species. Thermobia domestica has not been found in the last years. Lepisma saccharina is present far less than C. longicaudatum, whereas the latter is spread throughout The Netherlands and found within modern residences. Significantly more individuals of C. longicaudatum than L. saccharina are sent in by the public as have been found visually during house searches.