Eradicating The Asian Longhorned Beetle In Winterthur, Switzerland
  Key Words  
  Infestation zone, monitoring, pest elimination.
  Severin Schwendener, Urs Kamm, And Markus Hochstrasser
  In 2012, an infestation of Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) was detected in Winterthur (Canton ZH, Switzerland). With more than 140 adult beetles and several hundred eggs and larvae, the infestation was by far the most extensive in Switzerland. Based on experiences in Austria where the first ALB infestation in Europe occurred, the beetle was fought with extensive actions: removal of all infested trees, preventive removal of potential host trees and installation of a focus- and a buffer zone. Transport of plant material out of these zones was banned and a close monitoring regime including specialised dogs put in place. Tere were no adult beetles and only a few living larvae detected 2013. 700000 Swiss francs were spent in 2012, not including hundreds of working hours spent by employees of the Canton Zurich. The programme is estimated to cost another 2.8 million Swiss francs, if no more living beetles are detected. The experiences from Winterthur show that elimination of a small ALB infestation is possible. The costs demonstrate the need for strong boarder controls or alternative packaging materials for imports from infested regions.