Mandibular Wear In Camponotus Chromaoides Workers (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
  Key Words  
  Mandibular teeth, cephalic index, worker subcaste, foraging, carpenter ants.
  John Dukes Iii And William H Robinson
  Camponotus colonies have a worker subcaste, consisting of major and minor workers. This designation is based on the width and height of the head (cephalic index, CI). Performance of tasks by workers results in wear of the mandibular teeth. A sample of workers was taken from a laboratory colony of Camponotus chromaoides. The CI was calculated to determine the major (CI 106.9) and minor (CI 83.6) workers. The objective of the study was to document the characteristics and extent of mandibular wear, and to divide the wear into distinct categories. Grade 1: little or no wear, Grades 3 and 5: moderate wear of the teeth, and Grade 7: absence of mandibular teeth. The absence of incisor and molar teeth may benefit rather than diminish foraging tasks of workers.