Flight Behavior Of Limnophyes Natalensis (Diptera: Chironomidae) Within A Food Industry
  Key Words  
  Chironomid midges, control, diel flight activity, light trap, seasonal abundance
  Goro Kimura, Kimio Hirabayashi, And Tsutomu Tanikawa
  We investigated the seasonal abundance and flight activity of adult Limnophyes natalensis within a food industry. A total of 43,163 insects were automatically counted with a special light trap during the study period. The automatically counted numbers reflected the abundance of L. natalensis, because other insect abundance was negligible. The daily total L. natalensis abundance showed the highest peak in mid June (716 individuals/ day), some adults were collected during winter. Daily abundance of L. natalensis showed a significant positive correlation with daily mean room air temperature. The diel flight activity of L. natalensis showed two peaks (morning and evening) from spring to autumn, with one peak in winter. Adult L. natalensis were collected on days when mean air temperature was higher than 7.4C. Results suggest that thermal conditions influence daily abundance and diel flight activity.