Assessment Of Natural-Based Products For Bed Bug (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) Control
  Key Words  
  Cimex lectularius, insecticides, essential oils.
  Kevin R. Hinson, Eric P. Benson, Patricia A. Zungoli, William C. Bridges, Jr., And Brittany R. Ellis
  Four essential oil-based products and a liquid-based borate spray were tested for their efficacy against adult, pyrethroid-resistant, field-strain and Harold Harlan susceptible-strain bed bugs using direct spray applications. The most effective product was Green Bug (100% mortality in one hour or less based on strain) followed by Bed Bug Patrol (100% mortality in one-two weeks based on strain). All other products failed to exceed 70% mortality over the two-week trial. Despite promising results of two of the products tested, results of field applications may differ due to: a) the difficulty of locating bed bugs for direct applications, b) the uncertainty of repellency in the presence of hosts and associated host cues, c) a lack of data on mortality as a result of contacting an insecticide-treated surface, and d) the duration of product efficacy (repellency or mortality) when applied to a surface. Considerations for future research are discussed.