Bed Bug Nation: Is The United States Making Any Progress?
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  Survey, infestation status, management, monitoring, insecticides
  Michael F. Potter And Kenneth F. Haynes
  Contrary to recent news reports, the United States continues to be inundated with bed bugs (Cimex lectularius L.). Based on a nationwide survey of pest professionals, infestations still are increasing. While most pervasive in residences, the bugs are becoming more common in schools, offices, public transportation and other locales where beds are not normally present, paralleling historical trends for this insect. Bed bugs continue to be the most challenging pest encountered by professionals. The cost of extermination is exceeding the budgets of many households and businesses, the majority of whom are averse to spending more on proactive inspections and other preventative measures. Pest managers in the U.S. are becoming more experienced with bed bugs, and have better tools for providing relief to those who can afford their services. Prospects are less hopeful for the poor, and widespread resistance to insecticides is a global predicament. Absent of a coordinated societal response with affordable science-based pest management tactics, prospects for curtailing the resurgence appear unlikely.