A Survey For Solenopsis Invicta Viruses (Sinvs) in Brazil
  Key Words  
  Multiplex RT-PCR, mtDNA, positive strand RNA virus
  Ricardo Harakava, Priscilla Junqueira Reboucas Abreu, and Ana Eugenia De Carvalho Campos
  Solenopsis invicta viruses (SINVs) were surveyed in samples collected in municipalities of São Paulo and Minas Gerais States, Brazil, using a multiplex RT-PCR method. Species identification was performed by mitochondrial COI gene sequencing. All three SINVs described in the US were detected in Brazil but with low prevalence. Detection of a highly divergent SINV-3 haplotype indicates that other variants might exist in Brazil and may have passed undetected by the primers employed. Predominance of S. saevissima in samples collected in the countryside contrasts with the predominance of S. invicta in São Paulo city.