Environmental Education: a Key Factor in Urban Pest Control Programs
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  Training, students
  Carlos Fernando S. Andrade
  Education has been enrolled as a component of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs, but in fact it should be more than that. Urban pests are so intrinsically related to human life and habits that we can always find where, when and how people (or costumers) can act helping to change urban pest presence, density or damage / impact. This paper aims at discussing some examples to highlight that environmental education may be the key factor, leaving less weight to the other components of the IPM. An analysis was made based on some manuscripts from the last six Proceedings of the International Conference on Insect Pests in the Urban Environment, and some personal experiences. From pests such as head lice to black flies, or from the vector of dengue to bats, rats or mites, what can be indicated is the need for more research on education, for a better control success in the future.