New Approaches To Control Loxosceles Intermedia (Araneae: Sicariidae)
  Key Words  
  Brown spiders, pyrethroids, vacuum cleaner, Hemidactylus mabouia, heated airflow,
  Francisco De Assis Marques, Eduardo Novaes Ramires, Marta Luciane Fischer, Emanuel Marques-da-silva, Mario Antonio Navarro Da Silva, Jose Domingos Fontana and Beatriz Helena Lameiro Noronha Sales Maia
  The integrated pest management (IPM) concept to reduce Loxosceles intermedia populations in homes may rely upon many strategies. In this work, a range of new approaches have been studied with the aim of controlling these brown spiders, which include observing and evaluating the following: the effects of pyrethroids on L. intermedia, the efficacy of vacuum cleaners for the integrated control of the brown spider L. intermedia, the predatory behavior of the tropical house gecko (Hemidactylus mabouia) on L. intermedia under laboratory conditions, the effects of moderately heated airflow on L. intermedia and the chemical signals involved in the attraction and courtship behavior of L. intermedia.