Bed Bug (Heteroptera, Cimicidae) Infestations in the Metropolitan Region of SãO Paulo, Brazil
  Key Words  
  Cimex lectularius
  Luis Gustavo Grijota Nascimento, Tatiani Cristina Marques and Jose Maria Soares Barata
  Once common, infestations caused by these hematophagous insects practically disappeared at the 1950’s. However, its recurrence has been observed in several countries, including Brazil. This fact, although concerning, lacks deeper studies. The objective of this research was to describe bed bugs overrun situation in the metropolitan region of São Paulo from 2004 to 2009. Reports of infestations were provided by private companies of pest control and by public institutions of control and surveillance in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. There were received 369 bed bugs occurrence records during this study. Cimex lectularius was the predominant species. São Paulo city reports are concentrated in regions where socioeconomic indices are higher. Probably underreporting occurs throughout the region.