Legal Approaches on Urban Pest Control Products and on Their Use
  Key Words  
  Praguecides products, sanitizing products, sanitizing
  Tania Costa Pich and Paulo Roberto Rangearo Peres
  This talk focuses on legal approaches on urban pest control products and on their use. In Brazil, among several standards on the subject, there are specific regulations particularly like: - Resolution RDC 52/09, available on the functioning of companies specialising in the provision of service control of vectors and pests urban; - Resolution RDC 34/10 with about praguecides products. It is concluded that, in the light of advances in, both the DRC 52/09 how RDC 34/10 accounted, each in its own way, strong increments in the protection and promotion of health and the environment, even with improved access, analysis and risk management, safety and efficacy, and disposal of sanitizing products and services used for the control of vectors and urban pests.