S-Methoprene Formulations: Laboratory Tests For Efficacy against Bed Bugs
  Key Words  
  IGR, bed bug, resistance, semi-field trial
  DaNiel Bajomi, JaNos SzilaGyi, Richard Naylor and LaSzlo Takacs
  New bed bug control products, methods and Codes of Practices have been introduced, but it is likely that until we have a novel insecticide molecule and their formulations to which the bed bugs are fully susceptible, we cannot achieve appropriate results. Following a series of individual laboratory trials, the authors have designed a novel semi-field laboratory trial method. The work introduces this new technique, and describes the benefits, results and conclusions. Presented are the short and long-term effects of combinations of S-methoprene insect growth regulator, natural pyrethrum and synergist. According to the tests performed, the combinations are active against pyrethroids- and carbamate-resistant bed bug strains, with the S-methoprene insect growth regulator interrupting the bed bug’s development and reproduction.