Diagnosis of Capillaria Hepatica in Rattus Rattus by Histopathology
  Key Words  
  Capilariasis, zoonosis, rodents
  Maria Jeova Nia Freire De Almeida-silva, Claudia Del Fava , Marcos Potenza , FabríCio Reis and Ana Eugenia De Carvalho Campos
  The present study diagnosed diseases present in Rattus rattus by histopathology. The material consisted of 43 specimens captured in the eastern city of São Paulo – Brazil. The animals were necropsied, and the organs were processed histologically and stained with hematoxylin-eosin. Microscopic analysis showed in the vicinity of portal spaces, eggs and elliptic operculated poles in different states of maturation, with thick walls in different layers, as well as parasitic nematodes. The morphological study of eggs classified the parasite as belonging to the species Capillaria hepatica. A total of 30 (69.8%) rodents were infected. Considering that R. rattus is an indoor rodent, which allows a closer contact with humans, further detailed studies of the role of this species as a transmitter of zoonosis are necessary.