United Kingdom Urban Mosquito Sampling
  Key Words  
  British mosquitoes, mosquito distribution, urban
  Jo Fozzard, Alex Felix-thomas, David Oldbury, Andy Elwood, Moray Anderson and Gai Murphy
  There has been relatively little research work done in collecting mosquitoes in urban areas of the UK. During the summer of 2010, the research team collected mosquitoes from nine urban sites and mosquito samples were collected over a 14 week period. All specimens were taken to the laboratory and adults were killed by freezing and immature aquatic stages were bred through to adulthood. Most adults were captured using CO2 baited adult traps, but suitable sites were restricted due to security and safety factors. The other stages were captured by surveying aquatic sites and sampling by dipping. Mosquitoes from Anopheles, Aedes, Culex and Culiseta were captured. Results confirmed the need to undertake sampling for all stages of the life cycle in urban sites to determine the mosquito diversity present.