Infiltration of Insecticides Using Kerosene, Diesel Fuel, Water, and Polymer Into Wood
  Key Words  
  Solvents, carrier, wood, insecticides, termite
  Rosangela Vieira, Marcos Rivail Da Silva and Rui Vieira
  Current solvents used for the application of insecticides include: kerosene, diesel fuel, and aliphatic and naphthenic hydrocarbon-based molecules. These solvents are toxic and, due to their flash points, create fire hazards. The insecticides are environmental and public health risks. This study specifically addresses carriers that demonstrate low health risk and toxicity, with an emphasis on the study of the physical properties: surface tension, absorption volume and infiltration volume into dry wood. A comparison was performed on the physical properties of the products: Politrox (Polymer), kerosene, diesel fuel, and water, when applied to dry wood (Pinus sp. and Qualea sp.). The comparison resulted in efficient infiltration and absorption when the tested solvents were applied to dry wood.